The essence of me

Today I met the essence of me, she smiled and told me to sit for a while. She appeared both familiar and strange in her demeanor, gentle yet ever so powerful.

I asked if we had met before, she nodded and her words were few.

“I am Love,” she said, “and I have been to the depths of darkness for you, to the dungeons, the cellars and deep underground.”

I shuddered and asked what it was that was there, “Memories, habits, beliefs and impressions – some decayed, others haunted, while many beautiful treasures too.”

“I have met the demons, the disbelief, the doubt, these shadows are all my friends.  We sat together and shared a laugh, then went our separate ways.”

What now, I asked, and where do you go, she smiled and said “Beyond”.

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  1. Alya Says:

    They make good company! The angels and demons. Their fascinating company keeps the spirit alive with the need to search and seek clarity and repose. With a restful awareness of what may lie beyond, I move forward with this band of comrades.

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