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The Practice of Breathing 1

Breathe. Take from the Universe the strength to withstand, the courage to believe, and the faith to persevere.  Breathe. Exhale all fear, doubt, and mistrust. Breathe. Ease the contraction of the chest and allow the air to enter all the crevices.  Release the tension with the breath, unwrinkle the brow and straighten the spine to allow the blood to flow. Open up to receiving the nutrients from the blood and the benevolent energy from the Universe.

Exhale the black cloud of fear, making room for the bright shining warm glow.  Dip the forehead in remembrance.  Be humble, submit.   Greet the Divinity within and witness its Source.

Be mindful of the flow of energy as it circulates. In, out. Feel the energy in the extremities, the limbs, the core, the organs.  Feel it surge as it enters the heart. Witness the synergy of the parts, working together for a single purpose.  Welcome the healing energy and abundant grace.  Gaze out with loving eyes at the majestic beauty, balance and harmony of the perfectly aligned Universe.  And embrace dignified restraint.