Make me Whole

The need has always been there, its voice loud and proud.

Its footsteps heavy, leaving imprints and marks wherever they tread.

Look at me! See me! Hear me! Feed me with kind words! And your gentle touch. Be here so that I can feel whole again.

I need you!  And louder… Can’t you see, I need you!

And if you cannot fulfill my wish, I will grow cold, and I will turn my back. I will punish you, because you have failed.

And then, alone, I cry silent tears of disappointment, of longing, of terror.

What if I never find that which fills me up and makes me whole.

And it gets worse when I start to dig deep, and wonder. Can the void ever be filled with sidewalk glances and words like mist. Because in that moment they hold me, contain me, wrap me in a blanket of warmth and comfort. And just like that, it passes.

Like a death. A hundred thousand deaths. No more. And I fear, I will be no more.

The sky at night, waiting for the stars to appear, one by one, slowly, and then just as silently as they came disappear. And once again. The vastness of empty.

Pause, Breathe.  Wait.  Look again.

With tilted head. What is this vastness, if not abundance itself?

Abundance does not wait, or need to be filled.

Maybe this vastness of empty is Abundance itself.  This enormity of *potential* space is Love itself.

This vastness of empty is activation at rest.  The beginnings of the night sky, at dusk.  In moments, it will be a kindred to the ocean that sparkles as the sunlight dances on its surface.

Maybe this vastness of empty is Abundance itself.

This *potential* space is Whole itself.

"Make me Whole" Image by Sahar Mohamed


  1. Kiran Says:

    Beautiful and so complete.

  2. Shazaf Fatima Says:

    Too true. Resonated deeply within. Space and the vastness of the empty is fearsome. But it can only be grasped when the ego, that thrives on limits that it can control, is dormant. Thank you for writing this.

  3. Imran Nafees Siddiqui Says:

    I was thinking of putting some art here,but suppose can not.
    very soulful.
    Thanks for being.

  4. francis Says:

    an experience of enlightenment

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