Illusion and clarity

At times when the traveler is rolling happily on the grassy knolls of life feeling like a seasoned expert,  something inevitably makes her tumble and she finds herself in a deep ditch of sludge, not knowing where she is or how she got there.  Squirming in the gravity of confusion, the messy predicament raises question of clarity and its illusions.

If only she can overcome the deep shame that comes from having fallen blind, unprepared. The traveler must rid herself of all unnecessary baggage when traversing through the sludge, and pride is the first to find its release as its unrelenting weight is an assault on her senses.  Pride is like a blindfold that impairs all vision and clarity.  Humility can take its place as a welcome companion as she releases the burden of the “should have’s” and “could have’s”…  Once she has overcome the paralyzing astonishment of how she tripped, she can begin to wade through the grainy depths and find her feet again.

She had neglected to see the signs and had stumbled, tripped and fallen waist deep in a substance that clung stubbornly on her skin, threatening to seep through her pores.  This poisonous, toxic waste-like matter was always there, unnoticed, unheeded.

It is waste that has accumulated over the years.  It is a trench filled with muddied waters in  the self.  The emptiness of the hole bore testimony to frailty and despair; the sludge was the filling of toxic rage and poisonous pride that defended against the hurling abyss of unfulfilled longing.

We are born with knowing love, wanting it, needing it. For someone to see how precious we are and value us despite our rages and hungers, demands and complaints, and differences and departures.  When that love is broken, absent, awkward or ill-fitted, part of the self is wounded and vulnerable to the maggots of blinding pride, raging anger, drowning self-pity,  and overcast shame. Once the traveler recognizes the sludge as a ditch of subconscious defenses, she can consciously sift through each emotion to confront the abyss.

Wading through the wasteland, she realizes that the sludge is just a provisional filling of empty space in the unconscious self.  The hole is a reminder to live creatively, consciously and deliberately – a magnificent offering to be filled with the beautiful treasures of all manners and forms…

The Universe is Generous, Benevolent.  Such is Grace.

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  1. Khurram Ali Shafique Says:

    Pride comes with hyporisy, as you pointed out in a previous post. And among the traits of hypocrisy listed in the Quran is an overwhelming and complete delusion about onself. Disturbing?

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