Handful of water

Cup your hands and fill them with water. Feel the cool sensation against your skin and notice how your hand curves gently to cup the water. Bring your attention to the sensation and the experience of the water seeping through until your hands are simply wet but no more water is contained within them.

It is a handful of water, filled with sensation. You can hold it for a moment, perhaps more…but eventually it will seep through your cupped hands leaving an impression of wetness and a memory of it having been held there.

If we draw our attention to holding on to the water, we may miss the sensation of the wetness of our skin and the soft way in which our palm gently curves to gather it together. Our attention will be drawn to the way it seeps away, noticing how it becomes less and less until it is no more.

The moment is like water cupped in our hands. It will pass and leave us with a memory of a sensation. And no matter how much we try to hold on to it, it will not remain constant or unchanging.

And yet, we try so hard to hold on. To the feeling we get when our child looks at us needing love and attention, or to how we feel when we fulfill someone’s need or even when we accomplish a difficult task. We try to hold on to moments in which we feel significant, worthwhile, extraordinary – loved. But those too will pass.

After a while, it begins to feel futile because no matter how big the task, the majority of the work remains undone; no matter how big the favor, people’s needs are endless and we can never truly make anyone else happy.

So if it isn’t about doing something worthwhile and good, then what? I cannot hold on to the cup full of water anyway so why fill my hands with the moments life has to offer?

But the task of living is not about holding on, its about letting go. Its about being in the moment and immersed in its sensations and experience and allowing it to fade, seep, flow, and pass. That we have the experience of cupping the water for a moment is the gift itself, not how much water we have, nor how long we can hold on to it.

Each experience of a handful of water can be as rich and meaningful as the quality of our attention. Observe the moisture on the skin and the form the water takes as it rests for a moment. If it is on the cupped hands, notice how they bend and shape to allow the water to sit for a moment. Each exercise in allowing the water to flow through teaches us that eventually life too will flow through us, leaving us…

A hand cupped full of water is the gift of this moment, each moment.
Being in it is what living has to offer. It is its Grace.

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  1. zainab dhanji Says:

    Your posts are very helpful. Works almost like medicine. Healing and revealing. Please keep writing.

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