Of all the places you could be in the world right at this moment, you ended up here.

Everything that has happened to you up til now has led you to this point, this very moment, for this very reason.

That does not mean that this moment will be the most momentous or life changing event you will ever experience, but it also does not mean that it will not.

Each moment set before you is your fate. And at that moment, you co-create your destiny.

The events of your life are like a movie directed by the Universe to offer you a very special, unique and personalized congregation of factors that make up this situation that stands before you. Now.

Take a moment and breathe.  As if from a distance – beyond time or matter –  bring your attention to this moment, right here where you stand and reflect on how you came to be here.  What brought you to THIS very moment in time?  That is fate.

And breathe out.

It is all as it is meant to be.

You are not alone.

Fate - photo by Haider Mirza

Fate - photo by Haider Mirza


  1. Shazia Says:

    “what an inspirational way to look at moments. making each one special. it doesn’t have to be momentous but its what the universe played out for you. destiny isn’t written by someone else, it is written with your oneness. together you write what is your life. welcome it like you welcomed each breath.” – Anonymous

  2. Ayesha Says:

    I love, love, love this. I feel like a child sitting at the feet of the wisest person in the universe. This soothes my soul…

  3. Khurram Ali Says:

    I loved reading and reflecting on this. It cleared my mind and opened me a new window into myself.

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