The Universe and I are a perfect fit.

We are intricately linked in a beautiful dance choreographed by the moment.

In stillness,

I bow my head and greet my partner in awe and with respect.

He returns my greeting with a smile.

Humbled by his Magnificence and his Grace, I give him my trust.

He asks for my truth.

I offer him my hand.

But he pleads for my soul.

We are the sum of our parts, yet in Union we create.

Our duality merges into one as we synchronize each breath.

The moment is pregnant with rhythm and melody.

We turn our attention inwards and out, and flow in perfect harmony.

Dance - photo by Haider Mirza

Dance - photo by Haider Mirza


  1. Khurram Ali Shafique Says:

    Very interesting indeed. Reminds me of the conversation between Buddha and “the repenting coquettish dancing girl” in the first chapter of JAVIDNAMA :). Of course, yours is refreshingly different.

  2. Alya Says:

    How perfect and complete this moment feels. It lilts with the harmonious melody of all the senses resonating one single note. A note that celebrates oneness – Alif.

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