Undulating waves of doubt
chances thrown and tossed about

Swishing, swirling tides aghast
churning twirling twigs of past

twisting flows of breeze on sand
elude the grip and grasp of hand

leaves of brown and golden rain
crackling veins intense in pain

branches grow and spread in hope
shedding seeds on fertile slope

my search is vain, all want no gain
it seeks to seek what is quite plain

the truth is there awaiting me
fragmented parts of it I see

and as I run to hold it tight
it sadly bids good bye, takes flight

dejected I dive right back in sea
or seek refuge by shady tree

every drop of mist alive
every leaf that does survive
whispers clear as sharp as knife

learn our steps and dance with me
move with us and play with me
learn to see yourself through me
glance at the mirrors of my sight
see yourself sway in delight.

By Alya Mian
(April 26, 2010)

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