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I am not superhuman, when I am wounded, I bleed.

I am not supernatural, I am not immune to pain.

I do not have superpowers, I cannot control what you do or say.

Like waste, dismissed and disposed, my insides turn to shreds when you turn away.

I will not fight, I will not struggle.  I will not resist or supersede.

Take it, take it all – take what you may and do with it as you will.

It is no longer mine, it never was.

I will stay in the posture of submission. I want to be in the stance of surrender.

Maybe then you will see how small and weak I really am.

I am not superhuman.



i love you

i love you most not when i hold you close, but when i breathe, release, and let you go.

i love you best when you avert your eyes, not when you gaze in mine.

when i am alone, i can cry and cry,  and cry for wishes that have not yet come true.

but if you are here, the end is too near, and i just can’t bear losing you.


the narration of the stories of violence really shook me.  they turned my insides out and i could not hold them.
the need for predictability and control reared its ugly head and instead of looking inwards, i looked out, to people, events and things.

as always my lesson comes to me when i submit, when i leave it to God to take care of me.
the lesson is patience Shaz, and faith. God whispers, Shaz, I have got you here, to this point of clarity and peace, even though you fought me every inch of the way, and you doubt me still?

no God, I do not doubt you. yes i fear uncertainty and long for an airtight experience of security.
But I also know now that is not found outside oneself.

it is within. that unshakable trust is planted, nurtured and sowed within the deepest recesses of my soul.

and so i bow my head and submit.


The Universe and I are a perfect fit.

We are intricately linked in a beautiful dance choreographed by the moment.

In stillness,

I bow my head and greet my partner in awe and with respect.

He returns my greeting with a smile.

Humbled by his Magnificence and his Grace, I give him my trust.

He asks for my truth.

I offer him my hand.

But he pleads for my soul.

We are the sum of our parts, yet in Union we create.

Our duality merges into one as we synchronize each breath.

The moment is pregnant with rhythm and melody.

We turn our attention inwards and out, and flow in perfect harmony.

Dance - photo by Haider Mirza

Dance - photo by Haider Mirza