Healing Arts has been set up as a virtual community of sorts for souls on a journey.  Many of us aspire for meaning or transcendence beyond the material physicality of day to day living, to a rich, meaningful existence that has purpose and direction.

The Journey is within.  The search is for peace and clarity within ourselves, a loving and respectful relationship with others, harmony with the Earth, and Oneness with the Source.   That we are flawed is a testament to our humanness.  That we seek support and guidance is a testament to our courage. That we persist in our struggle is a testament to our faith in Truth, Beauty, Grace, Justice, Mercy and the many others faces of Love.

Healing Arts is a platform to exchange and share wisdom, inspiration and experiences, journeys and roadblocks in our aspirational search for Oneness.

This blog is still in its very infancy stages of development, very raw and definitely incomplete. Please take a look around and come back to visit us soon.

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