About Art Therapy

Art therapy is premised on the belief that the key to a person’s well-being lies within her. The art serves a mirror in which this experience is reflected. The therapist is a witness, a support and a guide in this journey. Art can connect us with our inner self and speak volumes from a single canvas.  Creative expression in art therapy does not replace, rather it serves as a powerful complement to the verbal exchange. At times the root of psychological impediments may lay below the surface of conscious awareness and the art is a vehicle that can reach the submerged memories, feelings and experiences.

Art therapy facilitates a process where art-making is used as a means of self-exploration and insight for better health and well-being.  It is the role of an art therapist to provide a non-judgmental space and comfortable structure where people can express themselves spontaneously and creatively.

The art making in art therapy does not serve as a diagnostic tool measuring aptitude or assessing dysfunction.  Rather it seeks to delve beyond the surface into a person’s inner most experience: the art serves as a symbolic representation of our emotional landscape.

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